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King Rack, a Taiwan based manufacturer, specializes in bike carriers, roof racks / baskets, pet barriers and assistant devices. We are very competitive and with that we always add more value to our products. Quality. Safety. Innovation. That is what we strive for. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us .


We offer a variety of exciting bike carriers and accessories. From tow-ball mounting, hitch mounting to rear and roof mounting carriers. Plus, the fact that you can carry a variety of bikes from all different shapes and sizes is what make our brand so unique.



We are experienced in the field of producing roof racks and baskets. Our variety of accessories will turn your outdoor activities into adventures. We bring you a simple, fast and effective ways to carry skies, luggage, canoes, kayaks and containers.



The pet barrier makes traveling with man’s best friend very safe and relaxed. It keeps the pets safely in the backseat. So, we are making sure, the driver and the passengers can relax and enjoy the trip.

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